Office Divvy



Phone: (386) 597-0052

Office Divvy’s mantra is “empower entrepreneurs.” We make our clients happy by providing a location, a management team, technology, data, and processes so they can work smarter to deliver extraordinary experience to their clients and customers.  Call us if we can help you in any way: 386-445-4153

Enjoy these benefits:

Network and connect with others effortlessly

Get referred business from fellow Office Divvy members

Cross-pollinate ideas with others

Impress your clients in immaculate tasteful offices!

Dip into conference rooms to have in person or video meetings

Have a staffed-business-location which means you have a receptionist and you do not need to preside over each customer/client interaction, “your team” handles some of that!

…all these present huge importance for an entrepreneur in any phase of business…