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Welcome to Sated Ventures Travel. Carefully curated private tours with you in mind – a lover of travel & food. An abundance of destinations now available with added flavor through tasting sessions, cooking classes, and hands-on experiences. Choose tours to Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, Europe, and more. One thing is for sure – come home sated.

Meet Karolina Guilcapi.┬áKarolina has managed luxury travel companies since 2006, endlessly promoting a hands-on approach. With a background from Johnson & Wales University, a school dedicated to food and travel, she has been deeply involved in the growth of the tourism industry. Specializing in Latin America, Karolina has trained over 100 travel advisors, represented her product at countless trade shows such as the annual NY Times Travel Show, and has been inspiring travelers to become lifelong clients. She has tasted her way across 40+ countries continuously inspecting services, meeting local foodies, and searching out the next morsel to offer in her itineraries. She treats food like she does travel – an experience that should utterly satisfy you.