The Flagler County Drug Court Foundation, Inc.



Phone: (401) 864-6997


The Flagler County Drug Court Foundation’s mission is to support and promote the Flagler County Drug Court program, helping individuals recover from substance abuse and lead productive, healthy lives through community engagement, advocacy, and educational initiatives.


The vision of the Flagler County Drug Court Foundation is to create a compassionate and supportive community where individuals in the Drug Court program receive the necessary resources and opportunities to achieve lasting recovery, break the cycle of addiction, and thrive as valued members of society.


Community education on Narcan and the destigmatization of people in recovery from substance abuse are vital initiatives for building a safer and more understanding society. By providing comprehensive Narcan training and awareness programs, we aim to empower community members to respond effectively to opioid overdoses, potentially saving lives.

Simultaneously, combating stigmatization through education and open dialogue can foster empathy and support, helping individuals in recovery to reintegrate successfully into society and lead fulfilling lives beyond addiction.


Flagler County Drug Court Foundation brings the Mission, the Vision and Education to bring HOPE to families, members and to individuals who strive to succeed and want to learn to lead healthy and productive lives.