The Flagler County Drug Court Foundation is a Non-Profit entity, created by citizens of Flagler County who believe in the Drug Court Program. Having a non-profit organization supporting a public agency is unique.

​The Flagler County Drug Court Foundation was created to solicit community support in combating the drug and alcohol abuse problems in Flagler County.

Foundation members believe graduates of the program will impact society for many years and is committed to seeing the Program continue.


Eligible drug-addicted persons may be sent to Drug Court in lieu of traditional justice system case processing. Drug Courts keep individuals in treatment long enough for it to work, while supervising them closely.


There are various educational opportunities for those with the calling to help.


The Foundation encourages donations for the purchase of incentives for participants in Drug Court. Incentives can be pizza coupons, movie coupons, sporting event tickets, haircuts, etc.


What We Do

The Flagler County Drug Court Foundation is to support the work of theFlagler County Adult Drug Court Program gives qualified, non-violent drug offenders an opportunity to enter a special rigorous treatment program. Once they successfully complete the program their charges could be dismissed from their record.


We organize the community to support activities that integrate the non-violent drug offenders into society by teaching them how to learn how to live without (drugs, alcohol)


We get them to participate in self-affirming events  and activities that lift and build their self-confidence and self-esteem as they shed the burden of addiction.


Community members help recovering addicts learn to grow and function in society while promoting accountability, strenth in action and paying it forward.


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